What is a Fetish?

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What is a Fetish?

A Beginners Guide

A fetish is sexual excitement in response to an object or body part that’s not typically or always sexual. A common fetish is men worshipping feet or shoes.

Many people need to have the object of their fetish with them or be fantasizing about it to become sexually aroused, get an erection, and have an orgasm.

A person with a fetish might masturbate while they hold, smell, rub, or taste the object. Or they might ask their partner to wear it or use it during sex.

A common type of fetish involves clothing (Leather & Lace, Rubber, Latex etc.), Shoes (high stilletoes, long thigh high boots), Underwear (lacy thongs, old fashioned cotton pants, French knickers, rubber pants, etc.), Babywear (where the fetishist dresses as a baby in rompersuits and nappies and has their partner feed and change them), Uniforms, Furries (where the person dresses as a furry animal such as a rabbit, bear, cat, dog etc.), Hose (seamed stockings, old fashioned nylons, tights etc.), Skirts (often old fashioned skirts). Many of these fetishes can be traced back to men having their early sexual fantasies of family members such as mothers and older sisters.

Other common fetishes involve body parts, such as feet, long necks, big buttocks or other body features, such as obesity (BBW - Big Beautiful Women), piercings, or tattoos. Body fluids (semen, urine or feces), body size (BBW or tiny women), and hair fetishes aren’t far behind.

As long as the fetishist and any partners are happy with their experiences then there is no issue. It is when a fetish becomes an obsession that problems could occur.

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